Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Special Needs

So on Sunday we had the Special Needs Mutual come and do a program for our sacrament meeting at church. I feel like if I don't write down how it made me feel, that I may forget. I appologize ahead of time if this post bores you. This blog is the best journal I have and I really want to remember this experience!

I don't think I have ever felt the spirit like I did that day. I love my job and working with kids, but it really made me realize why Special Education was always what I wanted and thought I would do with my career.

They started the program by singing In This Very Room. This message of this song is basically that Jesus is in this very room. I cannot express how true that statement was. I know that each and every one of those special needs mutual had such an amazing spirit in heaven that they were sent here to be protected. They are truly celestial beings.

Throughout the program they had the leaders speak a little, a parent spoke about her daughter, had special musical numbers, and a few members of the group gave talks. They all had different ailments and special needs. There were those that couldn't walk, talk, hear, or see among others. I loved to hear their testimonies in both words and song.

One particular man got up and spoke about how he had meningitis as a child and couldn't see well out of one eye, had a hard time walking, and couldn't hear. He told a story about how he felt the spirit to sing Silent Night with the choir. He mentioned how you can't understand him so when he sings it just sounds like loud noise. The choir director was clearly upset and looked around to find out who was making that loud noise. When she discovered it was him she smiled, nodded, and continued directing the song. I truly understood how that woman felt when she realized who was making that noise. When they got up to sing their musical selections it didn't sound how people would describe as "beautiful." There were many who were singing but clearly not singing the words. But it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard.

Clayton and Amy came up for the weekend and came to church with me and the three of us sat on the back row of the congregation and were bawling by the end of the program. I know with every bit of my heart that each and every one of them is an angel here on earth to teach us and make us better. They have already proven themselves and are already celestial. Being able to experience that program that day was such an incredible reminder of what is truly important in life.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Cupcake Blanket

Now I don't claim to be a sewer or anything... but I am pretty proud of my second blanket! :) I used the scraps of my red and white minky blanket and sewed them together. Thanks Momma and Biggie for helping pick out the rest! It took me forever to finally sit down and put it together, but I am so pleased with how cute it turned out!! If you are a sewer, try not to judge haha!