Thursday, January 13, 2011

Almost Forgot

I almost forgot my favorite part of my last blog post!

The day after the furnace broke, I told my kids that the heater at my apartment was broken and they were so sweet! Here is a little of the dialogue from one of my cute kids:

Mr. T: Mrs. Keller, if your heater is still broken you can sleep at my house tonight. My mom doesn't mind when teachers spend the night.

Me: You are so sweet! Is your house warm?

Mr. T: Well, not really, but I have a cat that would sleep with you and she keeps you really warm!

Me: Well thank you! I hope it gets fixed today so I can sleep at my house, but you are so sweet to offer!

Hours Later...

Mr. T: Mrs. Keller, do you think you are going to have to sleep at my house tonight?

Haha he melted my heart! The best part is that the day before he had showed me the scratches all over his hand from his cat :) Gotta love first graders!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Now this picture may be difficult to see, but let me tell you what it is....

This is Lole on her bed in our bedroom. The cord goes to the heating pad she is laying on, and she is wrapped up in that blanket with her face barely peeping out. Now I know you are probably thinking, "well duh... Lole is treated like a princess so this is normal." Haha but no. She has pneumonia (the vet is pretty sure). She has been sick ever since we got home from from Memphis. She is hacking and coughing up all the time! It is the weirdest thing! She has been on antibiotics and Robitussin for 5 days now and still isn't better so she has a vet appt. tomorrow.

To top it off, the other day we came home from watching the football game and found that our furnace was broken. Of course no one answered the emergency phone number or called us back, so we got to snuggle up with the weather in the single digits outside. Needless to say... we were not very happy.

It is crazy how we treat our dogs like children, but we are totally guilty of it! Brent has been taking late night Lole duty all week and so I figured I could help baby her a little last night. Last night after I got in bed, Lole was sitting up in her bed coughing and hacking. And then she would come sit next to my bed and look up at me with those big sad eyes. So of course I get down and lay on the floor with her. She was so needy that she insisted her face next to mine (while she coughed). Finally this moved to the couch, and then I had to abandon her and go to bed because I was afraid I was going to wake up with throw up on me lol!

Bless her little heart, hopefully she gets better soon!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Holiday Pictures

Here are some pictures updates from our holidays!! They are a little out of order, but I am too impatient to move them around :)

Clayton and Amy on Beale Street!

Brent and I on Beale Street: Memphis, TN and like 30 degrees! We were definitely not anticipating that!!

With the girls at Dyer's on Beale Street. This place is AMAZING! Aren't those girls beautiful!?

Katchie and Jeff at Dyer's!

Stephanie and Val at Dyer's!

Biggie, Momma, and baby Harrison at Dyer's

Brent and I at Temple Square (Mom did you notice my favorite sweater??)

Katchie always decorates the table for our Christmas Eve and Christmas dinners!

Temple Square

We got to be in charge of the trifle this year! Isn't he handsome? :)

My fun new baking ornaments I got last year! They are so fun, I love them!!

My amazing husband replaced my old Coach purse for me :)

He got a wallet to match :) We had already picked out another wallet so he got two... now if only we had enough money to fill up both of them! :)

Our little apartment could only fit a little Christmas tree, but it was perfect! Small enough to fit all of my fun cupcake ornaments :) You know you have found a winner when he allows you to have a cupcake Christmas tree!

We went to temple square to see the lights with Jeff, Katch, Scoot, Troy, Stuart, Jessica, Clayton, and Amy!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

I cannot believe it is 2011! Where does the time go?! With Brent and I both graduating and getting married, 2010 was pretty amazing, and we can't wait to see what is in store for 2011! I love that Jeff put his resolutions on his blog so that he can go back at the end of the year and check how he did, so I decided to do the same!
  • Stay in Shape: (this will actually have to start with getting back into shape haha) This year we want to make sure we are exercising at least 3 times a week, hopefully for at least an hour each time. This goal sounds easy and attainable, but life comes at you fast so we feel like 3 times a week will still be a challenge!

  • No Coke During the Week: Last year we went completely off of Coke for New Years and did it for a while, but let's be honest... it isn't really worth it. ;) So this year we are going to only have Coke on weekends and nothing but good ol' H2O during the week!

  • Attend the Temple Once a Month: This is a goal we have already been successfully working on, and want to make sure we continue to make it a priority! What an amazing place and it is crazy how easy it is to push it aside and not make it there very often. We are excited about this resolution because we have really noticed how much it strengthens our relationship.

  • Be on Time to Church: New church time: 9:00. Enough Said.

  • Nightly Scriptures and Prayers: These are habits that can be lost in just one night of laziness! Our resolution is to not be lazy, and get on our knees to pray at night. This is hard to do once you have gotten all snuggled up, so we are going to try to remember to do this before we even crawl into bed. Luckily, with the scriptures on the ipad, we don't have to get back up out of bed to turn out the lights. :)