Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My First Cake

So Clayton and Amy asked me to make their wedding cake... I was THRILLED when they asked me, seeing how this is one of my favorite things to do! I really can't wait to go to school so that I can make fabulous cakes :) They didn't care what it looked like (which is crazy stressful to try and decide for someone else's wedding!!), so I was looking for ideas for weeks and weeks! Well despite all of the stress, I feel like it was quite the accomplishment for my first real cake! Thank you so so much to all of my family that dealt with my stress and helped with ideas, and helped me get it pulled together on their wedding day! What do you think?? :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Enjoying the Cabin!

We got to go to the cabin with Clayton and Amy this summer! We met up with the Lunt, Bird, and Thompson families who had been there all weekend! We only went for a day, but we had so much fun. I don't think I have been to our family cabin in like 7 years! We got to use their 4wheelers and go out to Lily Lake, we ate yummy food, roasted smores, and enjoyed great company! I hope we get to go again soon! It really brought back a lot of memories!

Yes... Brent LOVES smores (they are probably one of his favorite things ever)... I don't know why he was making that face... maybe because I was making fun of how he had chocolate all over :)

Roasting biscuits over the fire :)

Clayton and Amy on the 4 wheeler! (you are welcome Bubba for not posting the picture of you in my giant sunglasses haha)

Brent and I on the 4 wheeler at Lily Lake! It was absolutely gorgeous!

Miller Experience

For Christmas, Brent's parents' got him the Miller Sports Car Experience so we finally used it this summer! He had a little training and then got to drive the race car on the race track! It was so fun to watch and he had a blast!!!

Here is a picture of Lole for you... haha I couldn't delete the picture after I accidentally put it on here, so enjoy ;)


So we finally got a 3 day weekend and so we decided to head to VEGAS!! It was so nice to get away from our busy life for a few days and just relax and enjoy being away from home! We also have been wanting to go to see the Hoover Dam, and went on the day they were dedicating the new bridge! It was incredible and totally worth waiting in ridiculous traffic for :) The bridge is absolutely beautiful and it was so fun to see and learn about something new!! We went shopping, walked around a lot, saw some HUGE pumpkins in the Bellagio, and beautiful cakes at all the little bakeries (I was of course in heaven)!

So many beautiful, creative cakes!!
Brent at the Nevada - Arizona state line!
Standing on the dam (isn't that new bridge so beautiful?!) If you look closely, you can see the flags they put up for the dedication, which was so cool to be able to see!

At the m&m factory!
In front of a 900 pound pumpkin!!!!