Saturday, February 18, 2012

Amelia's First Christmas

So the last 10 weeks have flown by and I swear that every time I think about sitting down and blogging, I get distracted! I am going to try and play catch up with our lives since our beautiful Amelia arrived!

It was so fun to celebrate Amelia's first Christmas! Christmas was with the Kellers this year, and we were able to have dinner and do presents with the Welch family! It will be nice now that Mom and Dad Welch are living in Utah now, so we can be able to see both families over the holidays!

Brent helping Amelia open her first stocking!

Christmas with Aunt Steph and her cousin Lainey Bug!

Christmas dinner with Leecy T, Grampy, Miss Milly, Lainey Bug, and Brent!

Christmas picture with the Albrechtsons (I am pretty sure I spelled that wrong haha sorry!) and baby Hannah who is just a couple of months older than Amelia!
Brent with his stocking!

My Christmas stocking!

Our little family with Santa and his Elf!

I love this girl!

This Santa Claus has been coming for Christmas Eve since Brent was like 3 years old! I am absolutely obsessed with this picture! Santa loved it too :)

With her Great Grandma Ward on Christmas Eve!

Opening Amelia's Christmas jammies!

Photo pop with Grandma and Grandpa Keller on Christmas Eve in their Christmas jammies!

Her 'first Christmas' outfit on Christmas eve! She is adorable!

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